How to learn Software Development in Php?

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How to learn web development courses online?
February 20, 2018
How to delete duplicate data/Entry in database using phpmyadmin
November 16, 2018
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Software Development-Company in Udaipur

Software Development-Company in Udaipur

How to learn Software Development in Php or Open Source?

In today's time everyone needs software to manage their business or income whatever. That's why today's software is the biggest demand in the whole overworld.

But why need to use Php...The answer is Open Source, Great Community, Advanced Level Security, easy Data Management, high level Framework

I can guide you how to 1.learn php, 2.where from learn, 3.what is best effective way

Before learning to learn, you have to learn basic functions, But do not believe it, this is the reason because you do not know any idea from the ceremony where we use it. The second is that you are wasting your time and getting confused

My idea is that you should learn it directly, how to create database, tables, column forms, post, get, show data, insert data, delete data, update data.

You need to some software or application for software development

  • Xampp (For Apache or Mysql services) : Php need to server so apache is a server, and you need to your data in databse so you can use mysql service
  • Php Editor: Net beans, Dream viewer, PhpStorm, Sublime, Notepad anyone editor
  • Add / Edit / Delete / show Query :- You need to learn mysql select query for show data, insert query for insert data in database, update query form update your data, delete query for remove data from database.

Mysql Query

1.Select Query

"select * from tablename"

2.Insert Query

"insert into tablename ('column1',coumn2) values ('myname','myage')"

3.Update Query

"update tablename set column1='myname2', column2='myage2'"

4.Delete Query

"delete from tablename"

As far as I think you will not be more than a blog, you will come to the society from the video.

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