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For teachers, it may take up to three days to create one question paper. Also, conducting and evaluating exams for multiple students is difficult and exhausting, sometimes mistakes get prevalent despite spending hours testing the exams papers and the teacher still can't gather in-depth and actionable insight for each topic or subtopic. This all requires so much manual work and takes up the bulk time outside of class, which is to be spent creating effective lesson plans and mentoring the students.

Object Developer, Best Online Exam Portal Software holds the solutions to these problems with a user-friendly interface that requires no advanced technical knowledge and used to manage your school's PBIS, school culture, and discipline and accountability systems, as well as to track and examine data. It provides end-to-end exam management using a premium question back, question papers can be created in less than five minutes, and in just three clicks.

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Exam Portal Management Software

We offer you the full roll-out Student Information System (SIS) portal, where tests can be conducted and assigned to different batches of students, for online exams with admit cards generated and distributed with no hold-up period. The online exam portal software also supports automated and detailed evaluation of tests accompanied by an insightful analysis of the results highlighting each student's weak areas at a topic and subtopic level.

Overview of Exam Management Software

It doesn't just help teachers, but it also lets students make use of AI-based practice tests for self-study. Teachers can constantly monitor results and provide personalized attention in vigilant areas. Amazed by the solutions offered by this system? There is more left to know within. Experience this software service from an Object Developer- Best online exam portal software company in Udaipur and create your own self-branded example. To sign up and get access, talk to our team so we know your requirement better.

  • User friendly and simple to use
  • Accesssibile anywhere if you are connected through internet
  • Compatible with all major internet browser
  • Reduction in administrative cost
  • Exams available anywhere, anytime
  • Instant evaluation of performance
  • Quick supports via phone/email
  • Cost effective as no requirement of printing
  • Can take exam at user convenience
  • Secured Examination process
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