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Inventory with POS System is web-based application software where users can monitor and manage their inventory easily, manage suppliers, customers, Products  & Categories, Sales, Purchase, and also manage users. The best dashboard that says all management in on one page, and gets all reports needed for their office, GST, and many other functions, see your business growth, Loss/Profit graphs.


Real-time inventory control and reporting.

Never miss your sale.

Perfect for manufacturers, and also for Small Business.

The right stock in the right place, every time.

Barcode integrated

GST and expenses Reports








As we know, the control system of the Best Inventory Management Software Company in India works by monitoring two useful functions of your warehouse or warehouse that they receive and ship. The main goal of inventory software is to accurately know your inventory or stock and automatically alerts minimum inventory situations. So you can make the right decision for your business, need to update stock or not.

Inventory or stocks are the livelihood and form the brand image of any company or business. From the production phase to the traceability of products and parts as they are transported from a supplier to the warehouse, between warehouses and then to the point of sale or directly to the customer. Inventory management software is computer-based system software for keeping track of inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. The manufacturing industry can use it to generate work orders and bills of materials. Regular use of inventory management software can track excess inventory and product outages. Inventory data can be organized in an “easy to access and use” way, and the old method of storing data in the form of long spreadsheets can be completely avoided.

With our best inventory solution, you can spend less time checking inventory and reduce inventory and excess inventory. Improve accuracy of barcode data entry, improve business workflow by sharing data with colleagues, and scandalize inventory control activities. And our support team is also available to help around the clock.

Components of Inventory Management Software

Order Management

Tracking assets

Service Management

Product Identification

Advantages of Inventory Management Software

Saves Costs

Increased Efficiency

Warehouse Organization

Update data on Inventory

Security of Data

This software allows you to monitor the flow of your products in the best way. It will help you save labor because we provide you with a barcode scanning system to enter the data of all your products and items into the central database. Our inventory management system works with online servers and cloud hosting, helping you manage multiple warehouses and stores in one place. You can access this software and get all the inventory reports from anywhere.

The Inventory software that manages all inventory transactions, from receiving orders from the suppliers to tracking sales to customers and everything done in between process is known as Inventory Management Software and we can also call it Inventory Management System, Inventory Tracking software, and Inventory management Control Software.

Points for featuring inventory software

  • Barcode
  • Real time inventory track
  • Serial number tracking
  • Expiry date tracking
  • Inventory valuation
  • Price and discount configuration
  • Currency selection
  • Tax Calculation

Using our inventory management software, you can easily create invoices. Including many features: Sales, Purchases, Sellers invoices, buyers invoices, email invoices & receipts. We also assist in stock regulation, product availability, and product status. Our integrated solutions keep you updated on new orders and you will never have to run out of stock

Our inventory management system helps you organize products with comprehensive product lists, multi-level categorization, product photos, and units of measure, dimensions and weights, serial numbers, and product deactivations. An additional barcode feature helps with barcode scanning, barcode number generation, and barcode label printing.

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