A Complete Guide to Mobile App Development Cost in India

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Mobile App Development Cost in India

Every company needs its own app for better interaction with users. Having their own app helps them in expanding and growing. So, they have to invest in app development. You all will be wondering about the cost of mobile app development. So, this article is all about that and the number of factors affecting the cost of app development. Mobile app development cost in India and many more 

Let’s discuss what is mobile app development cost in India:

Cost Of Mobile App Development

App development cost refers to the amount that the developers charge for developing an application. The cost of developing an app can be higher, or it can be less depending on the factors. The rate in India is $15 -$100 per hour depending on the skills.

It costs somewhat around $27000 to develop an ios app. And $23000 to develop an android app globally.

Number of factors that affect the cost of mobile app development: 

  • App Analysis – Before developing the app, the developers go through the idea. Given by the company about their app. They analyze the application and determine various factors such as competition, market research, etc. Before working on it, they analyze will this app will be successful.
  • Market Research – The developers examine the features that customers would love to see – How their app can be different from others.
  • Animations – The app development cost depends on the animations. For example, Snapchat has a lot of animations. Therefore, the cost of Snapchat is very high.
  • Social Media Applications – The cost of mobile development app depends if it is a social media app or not. If the developers are developing social media apps. It requires a high cost. The reason is a lot of users use social media platforms at once. And also, it requires location access, saving data, etc. 
  • Web Applications – The development of web applications is cost-efficient. It costs around $15000-$30000. It is less expensive than the native app.
  • Changes in App Design – If the company needs to change the design of their app regularly. Then the cost will be higher.
  • Features and Complexities – Higher the features in an app, the higher will be the cost. So, the cost and features are directly related to each other.
  • Security – Most of the consumers trust the companies apps, fulfill their personal information on it. The company wants their information to be secured. So, Security is a factor that costs too much.

Mobile app development cost in India 

The mobile app development market in India is one of the fastest-growing. Since 2015, around millions of people have developed their own applications. Therefore, it has led to an increase in the number of app development companies. These companies are increasing in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Indian app development companies focus on Android over iOS.

The mobile app development cost in India is much cheaper than the US AND EUROPE.So, Google is focusing on increasing the cost of Android apps.

On average, it takes 7-8 weeks to develop an app. So the cost of the development of a mobile app in India is $35k.

The most skilled app developers are found in:

  1. New Delhi
  2. Bengaluru
  3. Hyderabad

List of companies providing cheap app development services in India:

  • Object Developer
  • Nuronimbus services
  • Mobulous
  • Techugo
  • Approximate digital
  • Lastly, Appinventiv

How to Choose an Indian App Developer:

  • Initially, check for recommendations. Check out in the market place. If they are preferred by most of the companies. So, you should go for it 
  • Developers who have more experience should be hired for developing the app. They will make their app perfect as per the company. Lastly, The price that they charge should be affordable. It should not be medium. Not too high not too low.it should be beneficial for the company 

The mobile app development app is a complex process. Its costs depend on various factors. Factors that I have mentioned above. The cost depends on the features of the apps. Higher the features higher the costs. The mobile app development cost in India is less expensive. Therefore, you should go through all the factors while developing the app. Also, launching the application requires investment too. So the cost of development of the mobile app can be higher. And it can be useful only after it gains a lot of users.

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