Is Mobile App Development the Future in India?

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mobile app development the future

Over the last decade, industries were facing difficulties to reach their target audiences and to promote their products/services. The rapid evolution of the global landscape and the emergence of mobile applications; Industries have achieved significant growth.

Within a matter of time, mobile apps have facilitated every hand, whether it is small scale industries or large scale industries, but still, water runs deep. Technologies used in Mobile applications are amending at a brisk pace, and there is plenty of yet to be discovered.

Mobile App Development 

It is the process to develop software that works on a mobile device (smartphones, tablets, portable). But app development isn’t just about coding in a traditional, HTML5, or hybrid app. It is about the strategic process of defining, designing, building, and presenting an active mobile product.

It can be categorized mainly in two types: 

  • Native Development: It gives the intuitive experience of apps using real programming languages ​​and tools for a specific mobile OS: iOS or Android.
  • Cross-Platform Development: It emphasizes building applications that can run on multiple operating systems simultaneously.

App development works should be developed by using new technologies. When it comes to mobile phones, user impatience puts extra pressure on production teams but is rewarding in return.

Top Trends of the Future for Mobile Application Development

To know the mobile app development future in India, one must read the points mentioned below:

The User Experience Will Be The Basis for Application Development

While some apps are designed to simplify complex problems, some are designed for entertainment and some are designed to increase productivity. Google works on that guide by setting guidelines that require app developers to upgrade their apps with the latest version of Android. Similarly, Apple has also indicated that outdated and abandoned apps will be removed from the App Store. Overall, all of these efforts will lead to a refined and enhanced user experience.

Data Security Can Be Very Concerned

Given the change in the ecosystem after Facebook’s security breach, no matter how useful the app or how large the user interface is, people will only accept it if it does not comply with security in any way.

This understanding and urgency to provide improved security may also encourage app developers to work on strict guidelines.

Internet of Things (IoT) Opens Endless Opportunities

The Internet of Things has been the motto of the technology space in India and around the world for a while now. There has been a flurry of smartphones and other devices connecting all our basic needs. 

With smartphones now offering options such as GPS and many options for connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. which are essential for IoT usage, we are on the verge of seeing the demand for mobile apps rise along with the IoT explosion.

Power of Reality Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR have been introduced as the technology of the future and will play a major role in the development of mobile applications in the country. Leading e-commerce retailers like Lenskart etc are already using AR and VR technology. The recent success of VR games like Pokémon Go has given us a glimpse of how it can be integrated into a portable ecosystem.

When it comes to software development in India, it is clear that the advancement of 2020 engineers and businesses need to invest in future app development.

 Keep these 3 things in mind:

  • Always use the latest technology when you have the opportunity.
  • Build your domain knowledge and industry skills.
  • Search for unavoidable trends.

If you have done all this work, you will be doing well!


While no one can predict the future with absolute certainty, mobile developers are here to stay, and they will do well if they start preparing for that future. While, for sure, the future of mobile app development will look different from today.

You can also share your opinion, we would love to hear! 

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