How to install/setup wordpress

How to delete duplicate data/Entry in database using phpmyadmin
November 16, 2018
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Step 1 : Installing XAMPP

Go to the Apache Friends website and download XAMPP.

The XAMPP setup wizard will guide you through the installation. Click Next.

It's up to you which components you need to install. Since we need to run WordPress in our localhost condition,
leave MySQL and phpMyAdmin checked and uncheck the rest of the alternatives.

Next, select the folder where you might want to install XAMPP on your machine.
I’m going to create a new folder in C:\XAMPP Click Next

Since we are going to install WordPress manually click on next.

click next , finally ready to install

install , Leave this option ticked and click on finish. Start Apache & MySQL from the list

Running XAMPP

Both services are running fine

Step 2: phpMyAdmin

To start phpMyAdmin we need to open our web browser and write localhost/phpmyadmin in url bar,
the below screen will be shown.

Step 3: Create Database

For creating database Follow the image below:-

Step 4: Download wordpress

1. Download the WordPress package from

2. Extract the downloaded WordPress folder in xampp folder which we made at the time of installation of xampp.

Step 5: Setup configuration

Now we can get on with actually installation process of wordpress. Open your browser and go to


Once you have chosen your language
continue onto the next screen and enter your database username and password details.

Database Name − Enter the database name which you have created in MySQL database for WordPress.
Username − Enter the user name of your MySQL database.
Password − Enter the password which you had set for MySQL database.
Database Host − Write the host name, by default it will be localhost.
Table Prefix − It is used to add prefix in the database tables which helps to run multiple sites on the same database. It takes the default value.
Site title− Enter the name of the site which you are going to create in WordPress.
Username − Enter the username as per your choice which is required at the time of logging in the WordPress.
Password twice − Enter password two times to protect your site.
Your E-mail − Enter your e-mail address which helps to recover the password or any update.
Privacy − It allows the search engine to index this site after checking the checkbox.

Step 6: Run the install

Step 7:

After installation being successful, you will get a screen of the stating success as seen in the screen.

click on the

log in .

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